My Dog's Groomer - 4000 Lilley Road, Canton MI  734-844-8280
Recommended Grooming Schedule
We recommend regular grooming to help keep your dog healthy and suggest the following grooming schedules:
         Beagle                          8-10 weeks                           
I CANT WAIT FOR MY FRIENDS TO COME BACK AND SEE ME         Bichon Frise                  3-5 weeks              
         Carin Terrier                 4-8 weeks             
         Chihuahua                     6-8 weeks                
         Cocker Spaniel               6-8 weeks          
         Collie                            6-8 weeks                     
         Springer Spaniel             6-8 weeks       
         German Shepard            8-12 weeks     
         Golden Retriever           6-8 weeks       
         Lab                               8-12 weeks                         
HI I AM JULO!   I LOVE TO BE PAMPERED AT MY DOG'S GROOMER            Lhasa Apso                    4 weeks
         Maltese                         4 weeks
         Newfoundland                6-8 weeks
         Pekingese                      4-8 weeks
         Poodle                          4-6 weeks
         Schnauzer                      4-6 weeks
         Scottie                          6-8 weeks
         Sheltie                          4-6 weeks
         Shih - Tzu                      4 weeks
         Westie                          4-6 weeks
         Yorkie                           4-6 weeks
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